UberTwitter was Suspended by Twitter

Suspended since about 11 hours ago and in 4 hours after, UberMedia CEO already makes some movement to fix it, what a fast reaction *amazed*. UberTwitter now called UberSocial. Here is a Q&A from Bill Gross, Founder and CEO of UberMedia

Twitter told us today that they suspended our applications for three reasons:
  1. Twitter said that in UberTwitter and Twidroyd we use a tweet-elongation service named tmi.me that allows people to write more than 140 characters, and that this service may post private messages on a public website.  At their request, we have removed this ability.
  2. Twitter said that in UberCurrent we change links that are part of an affiliate program to be our own links.  We don’t currently do this, but we removed all changing of links to eliminate any possibility of this.
  3. Twitter said that they would like us to change the name UberTwitter, and we have changed the name to UberSocial, effective immediately.
Twitter also said that as soon as we made these changes, they would restore our access to their API.  All the changes have been made, and Twitter has been notified, and we are waiting for the apps to be restored.

UberTwitter (now UberSocial) are very popular application for blackberry user. They have many feature that "only on" UberTwitter and there is the problem came from.
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